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Product Spotlight: Nature’s Grace and Wellness

Nature’s Grace and Wellness is a woman-owned, family-operated cannabis
cultivator committed to growing and producing the finest quality grown
medical cannabis products in the market.

NGW brings a legacy of 5 generations of farming expertise and deep rooted knowledge to the cannabis cultivating process, focusing on “making a real
difference in the quality of life for Illinois patients”. The brand is still family owned and operated, which helps set NGW apart from your typical large, multi-state operator. The company produces flower, pre-rolls, vapes and concentrates, and also a full line of edibles and topicals to cater to different taste preferences and dietary needs. I sampled a lil something from each category to give a peek into the brand.

Gas Nana 3.5g

Banana Runtz x Gary Payton

Prior to working with cannabis, there was not a time I thought I would be describing something as a fragrant blend of ripe bananas drenched in pungent
gasoline… and then also describing those distinct notes as delicious, but here we are. This bud was a delightful surprise with dense, purply buds with orange hairs covered in sparkling trichomes. The effects were heavyyyy starting in the head and slowly melting into a heavy body high. I’m a big Gary Payton strain fan and this is an indica/hybrid-leaning eighth that I will definitely purchase again. Gas Nana is making me ready for cozy and creative winter days inside though we are just stepping into summer.

Sunshine Cartridge 1:1:1 THC: CBG: CBD

“for lightening and brightening your day”

This isn’t a vape that you are going to feel a lot of heavy immediate effects from, which is a good thing for those looking for a subtle, daytime lift.
I used this vape for the first time on a day off and was at first slightly disappointed when comparing the experience to the typical THC high I am used to. However, after reminding myself of the synergistic benefits of CBG when partnered with CBD and THC, I gave it another try in a productive context and was much more appreciative of the subtle effects. I found myself slightly more inclined to focus on the task at hand (many have found anecdotal success with CBG for ADHD) with the added bonus of some stress alleviation and a touch more mental clarity than is normal for me on a Sunday morning. Consistent use certainly lead to a clear headed high and an uplifted mood throughout the day.

This blend is packed with hidden benefits but is light on the psychoactive properties, making it great for those times when you want to take a little edge off
but need to be able to focus and function. Not to be thought of as your party vape, the sunshine synergy vape is best for anyone looking to lessen anxiety,
reduce inflammation and pain, and help prevent cognitive decline. Taste was kinda subtle weed-y and surprisingly smooth.

*CBG has been reported to be beneficial to those suffering from cancer, tumors, appetite loss, Glaucoma, Huntington’s Disease, bacterial infections, and inflammatory bowel disease.

SLIMS Pre-Roll Pack: Megatron

Chemdawg #4 x Northern Lights Haze

There are days when you want the whole experience of smelling and seeing the flower, breaking it up, letting the aroma set the mood, grinding the flower and rolling up your own beautiful pre-roll or blunt to be enjoyed slowly and thoughtfully… Slims are not for those times. Slims are perfect for that “I just need to smoke that away” moment, nights out with friends and pretty much any time you just want a quick joint without the ceremony of it all. Sometimes you just
wanna smoke some weed, right? These .5g joints are great for when you just need a few pre-rolls around and come pre-packaged in a narrow tin that fits just right in a back pocket. Thanks to the Chemdawg influence in the cross, Megatron is an indica-dominant hybrid that’s relaxing yet not too forceful of a punch into the couch. It’s nice for mellowing your mind and body, while still being able to socialize and function. Hot tip: Pre-rolls are often rolled up a bit
tight, but loosen up for an enjoyable smoke if you massage ‘em a bit.

Margo Price Herbal Mints

2mg THC + 2mg CBD per mint

If you are new to cannabis, have a lower tolerance or are just looking for a lil something to ease the bulls**t of being an adult human, these herbal mints by
Margo Price are the low dose cannabis edible you are looking for. The discreet tin is easily tucked in your pocket and is packed with little 2mg helpers. The tasty raspberry mints contain equal parts THC to CBD, which works together to help reinforce a blissful state of mind. I enjoy tucking these mints into my purse for times I prefer to be more discreet with my cannabis use. Take 1 for a low, ultra mellow microdose or choose your desired dose 2mg at a time. Customers have mentioned that they love the 2mg microse option because they no longer have to cut their gummies in half to customize heir needs. These mints are also thoughtfully sugar-free, gluten-free and vegan.

PS. Margo Price Herbal Mints is a women-led cannabis project featuring musician Margo Price in conjunction with Nature’s Grace and Wellness. There
were women leaders in every aspect of this project, from concept to packaging to manufacturing & marketing.

Have you tried Nature’s Grace and Wellness products lately? We just received a very stacked delivery of promising new and standby strains for you to try.
Pop into Karma Club for help finding the appropriate product for you!

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