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Product Spotlight: Flower by Edie Parker – Best Buds Pre-Rolls

We’ve been crushing on Edie Parker for a minute now. Known as a bold and quirky lifestyle brand, Edie Parker was founded when creative director Brett Heyman had inspiration to merge her love of fashion, mid-century design and flower together, creating a coveted world of HIGH end handbags and premium smoking accessories in 2010. The brand then partnered with Ascend Wellness creating actual things to smoke.

Celebrated as “the Coco Chanel of Luxury Cannabis” by Forbes, Flower by Edie Parker nudges the legal cannabis market in a more stylish and design-forward direction. At Flower by Edie Parker, fashion meets flower “for a good time” with unapologetic, cheeky styling and more notably, a focus to splinter barriers and de-stigmatize the use of cannabis. The women-run label launched the non-profit organization The Edie Parker Foundation aiming to help those, primarily women and children, whose lives have been affected by low level drug offenses. So of course, we had to give all three of the curated pre-roll blends a sassy puff to see if the blends live up to the elegant packaging and incredible cuteness the marketing team serves us.

“The idea behind our Best Buds pre-rolls is to share premium cannabis with your best bud. No matter the occasion, our line of products was created to surprise and delight.” – Brett Heyman

The ‘Best Buds’ twin packs of 0.5 gram pre-rolls come packaged in a bright striped flip top carton with each preroll in it’s own mini doob tube accented with floral filters. All of these verrrrry adorable details make these pre-roll packs oh-so-giftable. ‘Best Buds’ are offered in three different customized blends:

Early BirdRefresh Mint x Granny Panties.
A sativa leaning blend optimal for a daytime high.
Boosts focused creativity while providing relaxing physical qualities for those seeking pain and tension relief.

I gave the Early Bird a try on a morning when I had a day off work to myself but still needed to get some shit handled. Personal note: As a self-described “not-a-sativa girlie”, I tend to be a bit hesitant about a wake and bake moment these days but it’s technically homework (working at a dispensary is SO rough sometimes wink wink) so… for the sake of science… I sparked one up and enjoyed the alert yet hazy mood I was in for the dog’s stroll and focus added to my morning yoga. I decided to smoke the second one about an hour after the first and found myself a bit too in my head with some racy thoughts. Not sure if I can blame the joints or just blame a busy adult mind, but I found myself needing focus so I dove into a little photo work for a creative side project and felt motivated and energetic while wrapped up in that. My personal recommendation with the Early Bird is to choose this product when going out or focusing your mind on art or any creative venture. Get high and head to the museum with this one!

Happiest HourGranny Panties x Dusky Rose.
A balanced hybrid that is blissful and relieving.
Great to spark creativity and tackle tasks with ease, or to take the load off with friends when your favorite hour rolls in.

“For me, that’s when I like to smoke — with my husband, watch a movie, have some sex… I believe that psilocybin and cannabis are magical plants. They have all the answers.” – Brett Heyman being all down to earth and relatable and stuff. They really nailed the name on this one. Happiest Hour is the actual perfect pairing for mid-afternoon chatty drinks with friends. This was my favorite of the 3 options, giving me a nice head high and helped promote a euphoric feeling without taking away all of my motivation to be a somewhat functional human in society. Catch this strain on a sunny day hangin on the porch with the girlz. It’s 4:20 somewhere…. I’m looking forward to grabbing another pack of these once winter thaws and we are out in the garden again. 

NightcapNC Space Cowgirl x Mint Condition.
An Indica ideal for your nighttime ritual of pampering or unwinding.

Sometimes a human just needs to whip off their bra and kick their tired feet up, yeah…. So, yeah that’s why Indica, man. In the drama between sativa and indica, I’m a loyalist on indica’s team. For my lifestyle, most of my smoking happens later in the evening when I am looking to lounge and let the cares of the day melt away. The nightcap blend helped me wind down for sure. After a long day, I smoked one of these relaxing pre-rolls and immediately felt that heaviness behind my eyes that helps indicate to my brain that it’s time to shut down. After a shower and a second joint, I was ready for my pillow. This is certainly not the heaviest indica in our arsenal but I found the effects to be an extremely useful part of my evening relaxation ritual.

If you are looking for a charming, enjoyable smoke without a particularly overwhelming high, head over to Karma Club Chicago to give Edie Parker Flower a try. Though these pre-rolls are some version of hybrid shake and offer nothing especially notable in taste, smell or strong lineage, they absolutely get the job done, burn evenly and look damn good doing it. These pre-rolls are such a solid choice as a gift to your aesthetically driven bestie, glamorous momma (mother’s day is May 12!) or your glorious, deserving self.

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