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Product Spotlight: Tales & Travels

Are you interested in an experience-oriented cannabis brand that perfectly pairs strains with any vibe or occasion? Let Tales & Travels take you on an adventure with fresh flower to accompany you on wherever your lifted journey takes you. Whether it be a late night rave or an early brunch with friends, basking in the sun on the beach or wandering through the forest – Tales & Travels bud is “flushed, slow dried, and expertly cured” for your everyday escapades.

The Tales & Travels brand has been one of my favorites in the industry since its inception in 2022. For me, the brand has always been a source of consistent, terpy, and delicious flower at a competitive price point. With competitively priced 8ths, quads, and half ounces – it’s hard not to buy T&T flower. With so many dank strains to choose from, it can be difficult to choose just one, , so I picked three different cultivars from our most recent shipment to try for the first time and review for y’all!… I decided to try three strains that I would be able to smoke throughout my day, leading me to choose T&T’s Every Rose, Grandi Guava, and Peach Crescendo so that I had a relatively even mix of daytime and nighttime smokes.

I started my morning off with a wake n’ bake sesh featuring the new Every Rose strain. Every Rose is a sativa-dominant (60/40) hybrid boasting top terpenes limonene, alpha-pinene, beta-caryophyllene, linalool, and alpha-humulene – giving it a unique floral and liquorice profile. The strain is bred by Lemonnade and is a cross of Wedding Cake x Roses. The batch that I picked up is testing at ~18 % THC, which may seem like it is on the lower end, but it packs a productive punch! There was a mellow cerebral buzz accompanied by a wave of motivation, perfect for getting some work done. I found the unique terpene profile to be very enjoyable and the high that came with it was perfect for my morning. I would rate this strain a solid 7/10. If you’re buying Every Rose with the intention of getting something more functional, then I think this is the perfect strain for you… But if you want something that is on the more fun side, I would suggest the next product!

After finishing up my responsibilities for the day, I decided that I needed a pick-me-up and wanted to smoke something a little less functional. I broke open some Grandi Guava from T&T, another sativa-dominant (60/40) hybrid, and the smell immediately hit my nostrils. Top terpenes beta-caryophyllene, limonene, linalool, beta-myrcene, and ocimene gave Grandi Guava a deep rotten fruity funk that was also creamy and subtly sweet. Bred by Oakland California’s Grandiflora Genetics, the strain is a cross of Gelato x Guava and had about 24% THC when I picked it up. Grandi Guava was the boost to the spirits that I didn’t know that I needed. The high was incredibly bubbly and uplifting, stress melted away, and I just wanted to talk someone’s ear off! This was such a fun strain for me to try. Grandi Guava was 8.5/10. I smoked this strain with a few other industry personnel and we all had similar reactions to smoking it; we wanted to get up and move!

At the end of a long day of working and running errands, I just want to sit my butt on the couch and zone out to one of my favorite shows or movies. I also want to smoke a fat blunt! For my nighttime blunt I only had one new T&T strain to try and that was the Peach Crescendo, which is a cross of (ChemD x I95) x Mandarin Cookies x Peach Ring and bred by Ethos Genetics. Peach Crescendo is an exceptionally potent indica-dominant (20/80) hybrid at 29% THC, and is not for the faint of heart. Upon opening the mylar packaging I could smell an acidic fruity funk that was most pleasing to the senses. The terpene profile, supported by top terpenes limonene, beta-caryophyllene, beta-myrcene, linalool, and alpha-terpineol, reminded me of the Blueberry Clementine from Revolution – but not as sugary sweet in flavor. The high was heavy behind the eyes and soothing to any aches and pains I had in my body. Peach Crescendo was my favorite of the T&T strains that I had tried and I would rate it a 9/10… maybe a 9.5/10. I wish that the trim job was a little nicer, but I had got some fat colas in my quad and everything else about the strain and the experience was perfect FOR ME! This batch was soft and sticky fresh, the ash burned white, and it produced a nice thique smoke.

Next time you stop into Karma Club make sure to show Tales & Travels some love! It’s some of the best bang-for-your-buck flower offered in Illinois and they have a strain to pair with any occasion or vibe. If you have already tried some of these strains or other Tales & Travels products let us know! It’s fascinating to see how everyone’s body reacts differently to certain terpenes and cannabinoids, so leave a comment and let’s chat about cannabis! Thanks for reading 🙂

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  1. This is a fantastic glimpse into these strains! Thank you for helping me decide whether or not to buy the Grandi Guava from Tales and Travels. It’s so helpful to have an experienced smoker give such a detailed review… what an awesome dispensary!

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