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Product Spotlight: Orange Mojito

Looking for a daytime strain to kick you into high gear? Orange Mojito is the fuel you need! This citrusy cross of Orange Cookies & SinMint Cookies creates a sweet aroma and cerebral buzz so delightful, it’s bound to turn your day around.

Cultivator: InGrown Farms
Brand: The Botanist
Breeder: Sin City Seeds
Lineage: Orange Cookies x SinMint Cookies
Aroma: fresh-pressed orange juice, menthol, clove
Flavor: sweet citrus with a slightly creamy finish
Effects: cerebral + buzzy, motivating, anxiety-relieving, pain-relieving, happy, creative
Terpenes: Limonene, Caryophyllene, Myrcene
Why We Love This One: This is the kind of sativa that makes you want to clean your house! Like want to clean your house because the euphoria present is an excellent catalyst for melting away the stressors of the day. Similarly useful for combating fatigue and inflammation, Orange Mojito is a strain that will help you regulate your physical state while simultaneously shifting one’s mindset for the better. 

Have you tried this cultivar or any of the Botanist’s recent offerings? Check our menu weekly for availability!

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