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Product Spotlight: Lab 11

Are you a cannabis enthusiast who enjoys culture and supporting local businesses? Are you looking for products that are discrete and easy to use? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then Lab 11 is the cannabis brand for you! Launched in 2024, Lab 11 is a Chicago-based craft operator that celebrates counterculture, early 2000s internet-core, and stoner nostalgia. They are a minority- and veteran-owned, as well as a black- and indigenous-led, social equity brand. Achieving equity within the cannabis industry for themselves and other minority-owned brands is at the center of their ethos in addition to creating top-tier products that feel “like your first high”.

Lab 11’s current product lineup includes liquid diamond vape cartridges, crushed diamond infused pre-rolls/blunts, and all-in-one liquid diamond disposable vapes. For the sake of being thorough in my investigation – I had to try a few products from each category. I tried out the Tangie and Blue Cheese vape cartridges (0.5g and 1g respectively), Red Velvet infused pre-roll, and the Georgia Pie and Red Velvet infused blunts. I will say that I am not inclined to smoke vape cartridges, because when I vape, it is mostly for oral fixation, but with that being said – I had fun!

I prefer something a little more funky so I decided to try out the Blue Cheese vape cart first. The Lab 11 website describes the flavor as blueberry and pungent cheese, but I was also getting strong notes of citrus. The flavor was predominantly lemon with a cakey sweet undertone. For this particular batch, pungent cheese notes seemed to remain in the background, providing an accessible and funky foundation for the rest of the notes. The high itself was very calm, cool, and collected. It wasn’t a heavy indica so I was able to hit my vape throughout the day and not feel sluggish. I felt fried more than anything! I decided to try the Sour Tangie cart next and the flavor on this one was definitively fruity. The Lab 11 website describes the Sour Tangie as having a classic sour diesel aroma with citrus tones. The diesel-sour lemon aroma certainly comes through as it converts the orange notes from the Tangie into a gassier experience that feels like an evolution from the classic Tangie. Regardless, the high was clear headed and uplifting! These vape carts are perfect for an on-the-go and discrete moment. They do not smell or taste like typical flower so no one will think twice about what you’re puffing on.

The Lab 11 crushed diamond infused pre-rolls and blunts were my favorites of the bunch. The first one that I indulged in was the 1 gram Red Velvet diamond infused pre-roll. The pre-roll may need a little massage before lighting as it took a second to get it to smoke, but once I had the cherry going, I had a smooth smoking experience. The Red Velvet was a very chill and cerebral hybrid. I felt blissful and like I could tackle the rest of the day! I then tried out the Georgia Pie diamond infused blunts! The blunts are 2 grams apiece and rolled in hemp wraps. Georgia Pie was very calming and great for anxiety. I felt all of my thoughts wash away and I was left with a sense of euphoria and relaxation. It wasn’t super productive so I would say this is an after work product. They also used a super unique spiral filter instead of a traditional RAW tip or glass tip.

Overall, Lab 11 is a great brand if you’re just getting into cannabis, or you are looking for something discreet and on the go. The products are straightforward, easy to use, and are branded well. Lab 11’s use of early 2000’s internet aesthetics and urban subculture sets themselves apart from the other cultivators in Illinois. Lab 11 also has a really dope fashion line so be sure to check that out as well! They have a clear vision of what they want their brand to be and the team at Karma Club is excited to see what’s next from Lab 11.

Have you indulged in any of Lab 11 offerings yet? We carry their full range of products here at Karma Club and we hope you’ll come in to check out what our friends at Lab 11 have to offer. Comment below and let us know what you think !!! Let’s talk about weed 🙂

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