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Product Spotlight: Cannect Wellness

What happens when you combine a longtime friendship with a passion for cannabis and a desire to provide quality products to consumers? Hopefully great success, as Cannect Wellness is on a mission to ensure. Equipped with a diverse lineup of genetics and a cultivation site housed within the Greater Chicago Area, Cannect Wellness is committed to fostering a culture of care and excellence. We are grateful to be among the first to receive Cannect Wellness products, and by how fast they dissipated, we can tell our customers are grateful for fresh terps as well. In this blog, we will highlight two of their unique cultivar choices – Rozay Cake and Heart Breaker.

Rozay Cake is a fantastic sweet and skunky strain that is an evenly balanced hybrid. Caryophyllene and limonene are the most prominent terpenes, indicating stress-relief properties as well as some cerebral stimulation, making this strain perfect for any time of day. Rozay Cake is the product of Wedding Cake and Rozay F2, bred by Relentless Genetics. When I first opened the jar of Rozay Cake, I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful and almost purple the buds looked. I appreciated the fact that they gave me nicely trimmed and whole buds. I proceeded to allow myself to break down the buds with my fingers and realized how sticky the nugs felt. The aroma was that of a pastry and presented this really familiar fruity scent. Almost like a bakery with a hint of skunk. With wedding cake being one of my favorite strains, Rozay Cake had to really deliver. While smoking it in a joint, I realized a lot of the aromas held true to taste. A lot more of the skunk came through while smoking but with a lot of sweet undertones. The high was really uplifting and euphoric at first, but once settles it mellows you out. This allows this strain to be great for either nighttime or morning time. I smoked it a second time when I got off a work shift to help me wine down, and it absolutely relaxed me.

Heart Breaker is another great hybrid; however, this one is more uplifting than Rozay Cake. This Cherry Pie Kush and OZ Kush cross bred by Sunken Treasure Seeds features myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene as its prominent terpenes. When I first opened Heart Breaker, it was a lighter scent that gave me a musky yet fruity scent. The buds were denser than those of the Rozay Cake, but the frostiness really came through while still maintaining beautiful orange strands throughout. While smoking it, Heart Breaker demonstrated fruitier notes. I did feel an initial rush to my head the moment I inhaled but it mellowed out soon after. I smoked this on a nice day off, and it really made the sun time a lot more enjoyable. This strain is excellent for a day smoke. It’s very light and won’t knock you out, but you’ll noticed your eyes feel slightly lopsided. 

Overall, Cannect has really been an impressive cultivator, and this is just their first grow in Illinois. They offer more than just flower if you consume a different way. They also produce “special sauce”, blended distillate paired with strain-specific, cannabis-derived terpenes, and live resin cartridges. In case you aren’t already familiar, live resin is one of the most potent and true-to-flower forms of cannabis concentrate, as it is processed from flower that was frozen upon harvest to preserve the terpenes present prior to extraction. With a range of fresh products, consider giving Cannect Wellness a try next time you stop in. They did not disappoint.

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