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Cannabis & Exercise: Anecdotes from Our Friends

What’s our secret to feeling so good? Adding green to our workout routine! 🍃 🚴‍♂️💦

Some studies suggest that “acute cannabis use may be associated with a more positive exercise experience among regular cannabis users”, but more research must be done to get conclusive results. 🔬👩‍

We asked some of our friends how cannabis fits into their exercise regimen. Here are some thoughts on how weed can elevate your fitness routine, impacting everything from runner’s high to recovery. ❤️‍🩹

1 response to “Cannabis & Exercise: Anecdotes from Our Friends

  1. Different strains allow different workout 🏋️‍♀️ mind sets, for me it allows more focus and concentration. I can use less weight but focus down to the fiber level. I also like kicking butt since so many people think cannabis makes people fat, lazy and stupid. My thoughts, let’s see you keep up!

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