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Karma 101

✩ 7/10 Survival Guide ✩

“I’m so high… what do I do?”

Let’s paint the scene: it’s 7/10.  You just grabbed a gram of rosin from your favorite dispensary (us), your PuffCo peak is fully charged, and you just crossed off the last item on your to-do list. You’ve got food in the fridge, your phone on DND, and a burning desire to chill the %&+! out. Illuminating the glass on your coffee table, the afternoon sun pours through your living room window, anticipating your next move. What’s there left to do besides get as high as humanly possible?

Ever get so lifted you have no idea what to do next? We’ve been there.

Here are a few examples of our favorite activities while dabbed out, and if the oil’s too sticky, these are some ways to float back to your baseline.

Happy 7/10 everyone! Stay safe and keep it hashy.

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