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Honoring LGBTQ+ Cannabis Leaders & Allies

At Karma Club, we celebrate cannabis, community and the ever-evolving culture surrounding our favorite plant. The positive shift of the social perception of cannabis is a welcome change from the days of disdainful looks and judgmental remarks, but we would be remiss to enjoy our freedom to consume without honoring the brave, free-spirited LGBTQ+ advocates who fought for our right to be free. No strangers to challenging unjust laws, as cannabis consumers, we owe our privilege to utilize cannabis as we please to the efforts of LGBTQ+ leaders and allies like Dennis Peron, Harvey Milk, and Mary Jane ‘Brownie Mary’ Rathbun.

The journey towards modern legalized recreational cannabis began with decriminialization efforts that eventually led to the implementation of medical cannabis legislature. The AIDS epidemic was catastrophic for the LGBTQ+ community but the medicinal effects of cannabis on affected patients gave hope to those otherwise discouraged from the often ineffective treatments in place. Were it not for the compassion of potent edible producers for patients, the dedication of politicians, or the unabashed mention of cannabis use by creatives such as James Baldwin, Frida Kahlo and Allen Ginsburg, we would not be able to experience cannabis as we do today.

These days, the cannabis industry is ripe with exceptional LGBTQ+ leaders and professionals, with more queer-owned businesses coming into the market every year. In Illinois, we’re proud to carry delicious low-dose social tonics from Cann. Founded by Jake Bullock and Luke Anderson, their company promotes “a utopia of queer joy” – an experience fully realized through their presence at cultural events, as well as through the artistic celebration of love and cannabis, and the company’s overall commitment to intentional inclusivity. CANN embodies an important value that we share as a dispensary – live your life, out and proud!

From the folks at Karma Club, we strive to make every person who visits our shop feel welcome. Our diverse team is dedicated to curating a shopping experience that feels friendly and inviting. We’re not just here to sell you stuff – we genuinely want you to live your best life!

Be yourself and live your truth.

And most importantly,
Relax… inhale… exhale… karma. 💜💚

See you soon, Lincoln Park! 🌈

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